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Meditations with Archangel Michael

A Journey with the Angels

3 Guided Meditations with Archangel Michael

Meditate with Michael ~ These meditations invoke the presence of Archangel Michael, providing platforms to work with Michael directly, receiving and experiencing the healing grace, guidance, inspiration, love and blessings of Archangel Michael to help you to heal and transform your life.

Clear & Renew ~ The Meditations with Michael, the Archangel offers support to gently release, heal and transcend self limiting patterns and energetic blockages/imbalances, providing opportunities to clear and renew your energy, blessing your body, mind and spirit to realize and return to an Empowered State of Self.

Be Empowered, Motivated and Blessed ~ Archangel Michael serves as a personal life coach, bringing angelic blessings to motivate, inspire and empower the listener to realize their infinite potential and true magnificence.

Track One – The Sacred Self, Sacred Purification and Sacred Shielding ~  (31:45)

Journey with Archangel Michael as he guides you through a detailed meditation to clear your chakras, purify, strengthen and shield your aura and to create a grounded, secure, empowered state of Being. Michael supports you to utilize the power of your breath, the creative power of your consciousness and your natural ability to purify your energy, assisting you to raise your vibration and harmonize your body, mind and spirit within the consciousness of your Sacred Self.

Sound Track Includes Celestial Keyboard, Singing Birds, Frogs, Flowing Stream & Ocean

Track Two – Attuning to Dynamic Action, Follow Through & Finish ~ (25:02) 

Meditate with Michael to attune your awareness with the consciousness of committed follow through and with the energy of dynamic action supporting your completion of an important project, the realization of a goal and/or honoring a commitment you have made. Clear blockages, release and heal fear based beliefs and revitalize your determination and resolve with enthusiasm and passion so that you may realign with your innate power of completion and successfully realize your goals.

Sound Track Includes Angelic Keyboard, Birds & Ocean


Track Three – Angel Blessings with Archangel Michael ~ (23:04)

In this beautiful and profound meditation, Michael invokes the infinite love, the healing grace and the powerful protection of the Divine Universal Source offering angel blessings for you, for your loved ones and for the Earth.  The Archangel supports you in completely releasing all forms of tension and stress from your body, mind and spirit, attuning your awareness to the consciousness of love and grace.  Michael blesses you, blesses your life experience and blesses all of your travels, and offers the powerful blessing of the Circle of Archangels, surrounding you with Archangels to guide, protect, love and inspire you throughout your day.


Sound Track Includes Angelic Harp, Singing Birds, Ocean


TOTAL CD Running Time 80 Minutes


Written and narrated by Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit, her soothing, meditative voice provides a gentle guide for the journey. Recorded, engineered and co-produced by Sound & Energy Healer Dirk Barkemeijer de Wit. These gentle and inspirational meditations offer journey experiences that provide platforms to experience the love and grace of Archangel Michael while relaxing and rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit.


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Cover Art “Song of Songs” by Eve Bierniat

CD = $15.98


MP3 = $9.99

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