“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it is already there.” – Richard Bach

Creating Affirmative Prayers & Positive Affirmations




Everyone has the ability to create their own tailor made Positive Affirmations and Affirmative Prayers!   We also can utilize this powerful tool to transform and heal any old fear-based thought patterns and fear-based beliefs by rewriting them and reworking them to the contrary!


For those who have not yet explored the world of Positive Affirmations and/or Affirmative Prayer, and are interested, listed below are some suggestions that may be helpful in getting started . . .


You are invited to explore the suggestions and examples that are listed below entirely at your own discretion and in whatever way that you are divinely guided to do so.  There are many Truths and all are valid,  valid and true to the one whom believes within the specific Truth.  As always, please integrate the ideas and concepts that you find helpful, healing, inspiring and empowering and feel free to leave the rest.


We affirm your Divine and Eternal Connection to the Universal Source and trust that you will be guided for your Highest Good in all ways, bringing you infinite blessings in all areas of your life.


Suggestions for Positive Affirmations & Affirmative Prayer:


1. Positive Affirmations and Affirmative Prayers state the positive intent, typically without mentioning the fear or the contrary of what is desired to manifest.


2. Positive Affirmations and Affirmative Prayers  state the intent as if it has already occurred and/or as if it is presently occurring rather than stating it will happen in the future.


3. Positive Affirmations and Affirmative Prayers expressed with gratitude and emotion and/or  "feeling words" pack an extra punch!


4. Positive Affirmations and Affirmative Prayers are in integrity when honoring the Free Will of others!


5. Positive Affirmations and Affirmative Prayers are extremely powerful means of manifestation!  It is suggested to include a "safety net" phrase that allows us to co-create with the Universe/Creator.


Example: This or something better is coming to me now, according to the Law of Free Will and for the Highest Good of All Involved, safely, gently, easily & effortlessly!


6. End with a statement that shows you and the Universe that you mean business!                                      

Example:  And So It Is!


Affirmative Prayer Example:

 “Divine Creator, I am (ill/ poor/ afraid/ lonely/ etc.) please help me, thank you”


Verses the Affirmative Language “Divine Creator, thank you for aligning me now with perfect and divine (health/ abundance/ peace/ love/ etc.)  I am now basking within the glory of the infinite divine (health/ abundance/ peace/ love/ etc.) that is my Divine Heritage, I am in gratitude.  And So It Is!”


Whatever you feel you need and wish to ask for, state it as if you already have it!


Positive Affirmation Example:

This is also an example of how to transform and heal old, fear-based thoughts and beliefs . . .


Old Fear-based Thought/Belief


 "I have to work hard to make it, success means sacrifice"


New Thought/Belief/Affirmation


"Success comes easily and naturally to me!"

"I now live abundantly, prospering by doing what I love!"


Whatever we are thinking and/or feeling we are affirming for ourselves and placing an order to the Universe.


Our Free Will is always honored and respected.  Therefore, the Universe does not discern whether we are affirming “positive” or “negative” through our thoughts, feelings and/or through our beliefs.


“Negative” or fear-based thoughts, feelings and beliefs are slower to manifest than positive, love and light filled thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Therefore, we can transform and heal our fear-based thoughts, feelings and beliefs by replacing them with positive, love and light filled thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


What we have the power to do we also have the power to undo . . .


There are no mistakes, there is only experience . . .


When we take responsibility for what we have created, we are then no longer a victim.  When we no  longer see ourselves as a victim, we now understand that we are a powerful creator within our Universe.  We then understand that we each have the power to recreate our reality and that we also have the  power to heal our past and to transform our present.


Copyright © 2007 Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit


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