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Who Is Goddess Isis. . .


Among Her many roles and responsibilities, Isis is primarily considered an Egyptian Moon Goddess and Goddess of Divine Magic, Divine Healing, and Goddess of Rebirth.  One of the most beloved deities, worship of Isis is vast and far-reaching and has endured from ancient time into the present.  Her roles and responsibilities encompass and incorporated those of the Goddesses who came before her and thus having so many roles and titles, Isis is called the Lady of Ten Thousand Names, and The One Who is All.


Isis is a Divine Mother Goddess and Divine Wife and she takes great pride within these roles. Isis recognized the importance of domestic responsibilities and educated Egyptian women in the arts of the Domestic Goddess, bringing value and respect to the roles of Wife and Mother.


Isis was a loving and devoted wife to her brother Osiris and together they were the Divine Rulers of the Gods. As it usually does in myth and legend, jealousy reared its ugly head in the story of Isis through her brother Set, who killed Osiris, in attempt to gain power and control.  Isis was unable to accept the death of her beloved and used her Magic to resurrect Osiris long enough to conceive their child Horus. Set found the body and “killed” Osiris a second time, chopping him up into fourteen pieces. Isis collected the remains and performed the first embalming. Osiris descended to become King of the Underworld and Horus would become the Sun God. Many versions of the myth that differ in the details yet the basis of the story share the common threads of death and rebirth and hold Isis as the Giver of Life, Goddess of Healing Magic and Fertility and Queen of the Underworld and Divine Guide to the Dead.


Whatever Isis does, She does with Great Power and Intention and so did she in her grief over the death of her beloved.  Her grief over Osiris’ death was so tremendous it was said that Isis’ tears caused the Nile to flood.  Throughout the tales of this Goddess, Isis demonstrates the true emotions that we all may at one time or another face.  Reminding us that grief is a natural part of our life experience.  This reminder is so timely today, as it seems present society has forgotten the importance and practicality of grief. Today we wish to conceal grief behind black veils, designating it to a single day of morning and then expect ourselves to instantly return to our regular patterns of life.  Perhaps this is why so many are medicated and numb, as we have forgotten how to grieve, we have forgotten to honor the grieving process.  Call upon Isis for assistance with grief.  With her infinite love and grace, the Goddess will guide and support any and all who request her help through the process of grieving.


Isis is also known as the Goddess of Great Healing and the Lady of the Words of Power.  Through her offering to heal Ra through the use of his secret name, Isis received Ra’s knowledge relating to the magic and power of spoken word, the power to manifest and create with words.


So many myths, legends and stories of creation portray the power of words.  Within her role as the Lady of the Words of Power, Isis indicates the relevance remains true today, we create with our words.  The Goddess reminds us that we wield tremendous creative power with our words and cautions us to take great care with our words, choosing our words to reflect that which we desire to create and experience within our life.


References also indicate Isis as a benevolent Queen who was a healer, physician, midwife and educator of the people. Isis lovingly embraced ALL people, the poor and down trodden, slaves and outcasts as well as the wealthy, aristocrats and those of prominent status.  Her healing included spells, magic and use of a healing rod and sacred rattles and cymbals.


Her name means Female of the Throne indicating Isis as a Divine Queen. Within all of her roles, Isis is the embodiment of the Empowered Divine Feminine. Ultra feminine, exquisite beauty and infinite power, She is the One Who is All and reminds us that we too are All that and a whole lot more than we imagine or believe ourselves to be!

Isis is associated with the moon and stars, the underworld, rivers, the north wind, cattails, tamarisk trees, lotus and papyrus plants. She is also considered an Earth Goddess, and one of her many titles is the Lady of the Green Crops.

Her symbols include the ankh, throne, rattle, and she is often portrayed with magnificent white wings and wearing a vulture headdress combined with the cow horns encasing a solar disc. Animals associated with Isis include the kite or sparrow hawk, snakes/cobras, crocodile, scorpion, crab and geese.  Colors associated with Isis are silver and gold, cobalt blue, and red.


The Goddess is devoted to empowering and uplifting others within the remembrance that our true consciousness is Divine, our true essence is eternal, everlasting consciousness that vibrates within Divine Perfection. Within this remembrance our power is infinite and is wielded within the grace and awareness of our Divine Self.

Truly dedicated to empowering others, in our Guided Meditation, Journey with Goddess Isis, this Goddess of Divine Healing provides a platform for the listener to embrace their innate power of personal healing, supporting and empowering the listener to reclaim their power and take responsibility for their healing journey.  The Goddess gently awakens the listener’s healing abilities and healing intuition, lovingly guides the listener to communicate with the physical body, supporting the listener to intuitively discern any needs for healing.  Isis also guides and empowers the listener to utilize the healing power of love and gratitude throughout the physical body, raising the energy of the physical body within the vibration of Divine Vitality.

Isis is a timeless and eternal expression of the Divine Feminine, whose love and guidance are as relevant today as they were in ancient times. The Goddess is truly devoted to empowering others, supporting and uplifting the awakening and ascension of humanity.



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