“Know that ever about you stands the reality of love, and each moment you have

the power to transform your world by what you have learned.” – Richard Bach


Prayer Support


Anytime we open our heart, mind and spirit in any form of prayer, we are joined and supported by Celestial Light Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardians, and Guides.  An Infinite number of Celestial Light Beings are available, offering loving support, unfolding us within the Love, Light and the Healing Energy of the Universal Source (God/Goddess/Creator).  Assisting us to remember our direct connection to the Universal Source, our direct Source to health, abundance, answers, guidance, opportunities, joy, love, protection, peace . . . our direct Source to Infinite Blessings.


There is no request that is too small or any request that is considered too large.  The Universal Source is infinite, all encompassing, omnipresent.  The Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Divine Feminine are omnipresent.  Since the Universal Source is infinite and all encompassing and since there are an infinite number of Celestial Light Beings, Angles, Guardians and Guides, there is never a need to worry that they are too busy to assist us or that we are taking them away from something more important. 


In fact we are never without support.  Our oneness to the Universal Source, the all encompassing Source of Love, insures that we are always WITH and never without.  No formal invocation is needed or required.  The Universal Source is all encompassing, therefore, every religion is recognized, every language is understood, any spiritual belief is accepted and having no belief is also.  This all encompassing acceptance and understanding is also experienced with the Celestial Light Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardians and Guides.


The only requirement is to make an actual request.  Our Free Will is always honored and respected; therefore, some form of invitation or request for help is necessary (except when it is a life/death situation and it is not our time to depart).  Every prayer is heard and every prayer is answered, in Divine Time, in Divine and Perfect Order and according to our Highest Good.   While all prayers are heard and answered, Affirmative Prayer is an especially powerful means of prayer, i.e. wording our prayer as if it has already been answered (see the Affirmative Prayer Page).


The very moment we think that we are alone . . . 

Within the fraction of the second that we are in fear . . .

The moment before the first tear is shed . . .

The instant illusion wisps worry across our minds . . .

The moment doubt dares to darken our hearts . . .

The second we feel physical or emotional pain . . .

Within that very moment, we are surrounded and comforted with the presence of Divine Love.  We are bathed in the infinite Divine Light of the Universal Source and reminded that we are loved beyond measure.


Our oneness to the Universal Source provides us with a direct connection to infinite support.  Since we are directly connected to the Infinite Source, there is no one outside of us who has a clearer or more powerful connection than we do. There is no one who can express what is in our hearts truer than we ourselves can.  The moment we open our heart, mind and spirit in prayer, we are joined and supported by an infinite number of Celestial Light Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guardians and Guides.  Our oneness to the Universal Source, the all encompassing Source of Love, insures that we are always WITH and never without.

Copyright © 2007 Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit


Additional Support


Listed below are some links and numbers to organizations who offer prayer support and information for organizations who offer support in other areas.  You are invited to explore the options and organizations listed below entirely at your own discretion and in whatever way that you are divinely guided to do so.  There are many Truths and all are valid,  valid and true to the one whom believes within the specific Truth.  As always, please integrate the ideas and concepts that you find helpful, healing, inspiring and empowering and feel free to leave the rest.


We affirm your Divine and Eternal Connection to the Universal Source and trust that you will be guided for your Highest Good in all ways, bringing you infinite blessings in all areas of your life.


Angels on Earth – Prayer Requests (800) 204-3772



Agape International Spiritual Center – Prayer Requests (310) 348-1270



Unity – Prayer Requests (816) 969-2000



Special Note: We all have the right to live in peace, within loving, supportive – SAFE environments.  If you and/or those who are under your care (children and/or pets) are in an unsafe situation – whether it be physically, mentally and/or emotionally – Please call for help.  Either call 911 if the situation is an emergency or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-7233  (staffed 24 hours).  www.ndvh.org


Celestial Journey Therapy is in no way affiliated or associated with the organizations listed as links on this web page or with the organizations/ links listed  in other areas of this website.


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