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Our Celestial Journey Therapy Guided Meditations are inspirational celestial journeys creating space for healing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit.


Our CJT journey CD’s combine a celestial keyboard compositions created and engineered by Sound & Energy Healer, Dirk Barkemeijer de Wit. Meditation Soundtracks are infused with the healing sounds of nature, including birds, ocean waves, waterfalls and/or running streams that create a truly peaceful and healing atmosphere.


Written and narrated by Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit, her soothing meditative voice provides a gentle guide for the journey. These beautiful meditation compositions offer journey experiences providing platforms for profound healing while relaxing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit.


Celestial Journey Therapy Meditations create space so that voyagers may make their own direct connection with the Universal Sources of Love: the Angelic Realm, the Divine Feminine, Animal Spirit Guides, Elemental Kingdoms, Ascended Masters and/or the Ancestors.


Creating this space so that voyagers may make these direct connections with the Universal Sources of Love providing them with opportunities to receive divine guidance and inspiration, while gaining renewed optimism, confidence and clarity.


Each Guided Meditation focuses upon a specific healing topic, offering opportunities to release, heal and transcend self-limiting patterns, beliefs and cycles that have served their purpose, retaining and integrating the positive lessons learned, providing personal platforms for further ascension and growth.


Celestial Journey Therapy Guided Meditations are dedicated to providing platforms that promote realizing and experiencing increased Well Being, Abundance, Success, Joy and Love within life.


30 to 70 Minute Meditations, available on CD and MP3


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 CJT Journey with the Angels CD Series OR Journey with the Goddess CD Series

Some comments shared with us about our guided meditations . . .

"These guided meditations are amazing!"

"Powerful and Profound; refreshing and rewarding"

"The insights gleaned from these wonderful meditations are truly inspiring and serve as an effective personal tool."

"Journey with the Angels and Journey with the Goddess Guided Meditation CD's are truly remarkable! Each CD Meditation offers it's own energy of light, love and healing. They are each powerfully transformative and will help remove blockages from your body, mind, aura, cell memory and life so that you may truly LIVE your best life and manifest all that is for your highest good! These Guided Meditation CD's can also assist you in connecting with, and staying in tune with the Angels, Goddesses, Guides and even the Faery Realm. Here at "The Faeries and Angels Magazine", we highly recommend these beautiful guided meditation CD's!" - Adrienne Dumas, Editor and Creator of "The Faeries and Angels Magazine"


“Easily and effortlessly, Rhiannon’s soothing voice transports us to a magnificent inner world where we are free to explore our connection with the spiritual universe in a safe and nurturing environment. Although she has many different guided meditations, they all are powerful and profound; refreshing and rewarding.  The variety of choices, in itself, attests to Rhiannon’s versatility; she leads us down a forest path to meet an archangel one time and then along a pristine beach to consult with a goddess another. Moreover, by incorporating rich sensory imagery into each celestial journey, the experience is complete and the soul feels thoroughly nourished from beginning to end. Too, the insights gleaned from these wonderful meditations are truly inspiring and serve as an effective personal tool to help us as we continue along our chosen paths.” - J.D. , California.


“Rhiannon's CDs are amazing.  All you have to do is open yourself to the experience and receive your messages, lessons and/or love from the Divine.  Rhiannon's meditations provide us with a safe, loving platform to do our soul work, but honors all paths to the Divine.  She's a true Lightworker and Earth Angel!  Teamed with her husband, Dirk, these two are a powerful team,  guided by the Divine to help the world.  I can't say enough about their CDs and the healing they provide. Each time you listen to the CDs, you gain so much.  I highly recommend Rhiannon's CDs and I hope they help you as much as they've helped me.”  - Theresa, California.



I have been attending guided meditations with Rhiannon for many years now.  Not only is she able to take me into the meditative state, each mediation is a fantastic journey.  I have learned so much about myself and my role in this life from her meditations.  I have benefitted greatly from them, so much that I have purchased each CD for home use.  I listen in the shower, while relaxing for bed, after a very stressful day at work and any time I need an answer that is eluding me.  I would highly recommend Rhiannon's meditation CDs for everyone.  - Donna, California.




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New Guided Meditation Album Release on CD & MP3


New Guided Meditation Album Release on CD & MP3