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Who is Archangel Michael . . .

Michael is a Celestial Angelic Being and considered a leader within the Angelic Order known as the Archangels.  Archangels are responsible for ministering to humans, considered somewhat like “manager angels,” Archangels oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and the other Celestial Light Beings that act as our guardians and guides.

Each Archangel has specific qualities that distinguish their characteristics and their specific angelic responsibilities.  Archangel Michael is widely considered the archangel of protection and courage and he is often considered a patron of police officers and a patron of those within the military services.

Michael is also considered a mentor to those who’s life purpose involves “light work,” guiding and supporting those who’s work involves raising the vibration of the collective consciousness through the rediscovery and remembrance of our Divine Truth.

Some of Michael’s special areas of angelic assistance include discovering and implementing our life purpose, direction on our life path, empowerment, motivation and focus. 

While Archangel Michael is probably first and foremost associated with Protection and secondly with Life Purpose, this awesome Archangel is all that and a whole lot more! Michael is known for assisting with all forms of healing, including physical healing as well as supporting and facilitating energetic detoxification, cleansing and healing and raising our energetic vibration. Archangel Michael is also known for his tremendous ability to comfort, support and lift us back up when we are down, feeling defeated and when we are experiencing any form of grief.  Archangel Michael helps us to remember our inner power, remember our True Self and supports us to return to our natural and true state of empowered grace.

Although Archangel Raphael is the Archangel associated with Healing, countless people have experienced all forms of healing, including physical healing from Archangel Michael.  His name means, “Who is Like God” or “He Who is Like God” which speaks to Michael’s mission to assist us in remembering who we are.  Assisting us in remembering that we are one with the Divine, remembering that we are an aspect of the Divine, supporting the remembrance of our own Divinity. Within this remembrance we realize that our essential truth includes the ability to heal and be healed.  We realize our true potential is infinite, we realize that our inner power is one with the power of the Divine Source, which is infinite.  We realize that we are one with the infinite Source of Love and that our true power flows from the Divine Source of Love, Grace, Peace and Perfection. 

While Michael is strongly associated with physical protection - protecting us from physical harm, combining Archangel Michael’s attributes as protector and healer, Michael lends tremendous support in clearing, healing and raising our energetic vibration. He helps protect us from negative entities, earth bound spirits, negative thought forms and all forms of lower vibrating energy.  This includes protecting us from our own fear based thoughts and fear based beliefs that are derived from the illusions of separateness, lack and limitation, ego lower self, unworthiness and all forms of fear.  Transcending our own fear based thoughts and beliefs is the primary step, and as previously mentioned, Michael’s mission is to help us remember our truth, remember our oneness with the Divine Universal Source.  He supports us with realizing what this ONENESS truly means . . . Realizing that our Oneness with the Divine Source means that we are NEVER separate, there is nothing to fear, there is no lack and no limitation.

Protecting us energetically, Michael will lend his powerful presence to ward off lower vibrating, negative energy/entities etc. and will assist us in clearing and shielding our own energy fields. When called upon for protection, any form of protection, Michael will be present immediately, lending his support in this capacity. However, this Archangel is all about Personal EMPOWERMENT so in addition to lending his angelic support, Michael will encourage learning techniques to clear your energy and raise your vibration, including clearing your chakras, clearing your aura and strengthening the protective shields for your personal energy. There are countless ways to clear your energy, ask Archangel Michael to guide you to the techniques that would best suit you and your personal process. Many forms of Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation can help with clearing your energy and raising your vibration.  You can work with Archangel Michael directly to clear and shield your energy on Track 1, The Sacred Self, Sacred Purification and Sacred Shielding on the Meditations with Archangel Michael Guided Meditation Album.

Another role Archangel Michael plays is as a Personal Life Coach!  If you wish to be motivated, inspired, supported, encouraged, and guided through the process of whatever goal or aspiration you wish to achieve, then call on Michael! He helps us to over come procrastination and helps us to transcend our fears that hold us back from realizing our true potential. Michael helps us to stay on track and to stay confident and committed, supporting us to take inspired action, moving forward step by step to the successful completion of our goals. 

Strongly associated with courage, Archangel Michael infuses us with the courage to realize our dreams and to fulfill our Life Purpose. Yes Michael is most typically associated with bringing courage to soldiers on the battlefield, police officers, fire-fighters and courage to those in all forms of dangerous occupations. However, he will also bring courage to those who need courage just to face the day, courage for a job interview, courage to make a presentation, courage to face and heal addictions. Michael will lend courage to those facing terminal illness, courage to try something new, courage to speak up for yourself, courage to ask for help or courage to ask someone out on a date, etc., etc.  Michael will lend courage to those who call upon him for bravery in ANY capacity, however it is needed.  Where courage may be needed for facing fearful and potentially dangerous situations, confidence is what carries us through our goals and aspirations, enabling us to have a fulfilling life. Archangel Michael will help us to build a strong foundation of self-confidence that will support us through our life experience, and if we falter, he will help us remember who we are.

While Archangel Michael is most always portrayed as a Warrior Angel, which he is, Michael is as all archangels, infinitely loving and compassionate. When we feel down and defeated, sad and alone, betrayed, disheartened with life, grieving any form of loss, Archangel Michael is a loving, compassionate angelic ally who will wipe our tears and bring us his gentle strength in our time of need.  Michael helps us to heal our wounds, dust our selves off and get back up, stronger, braver and more confident than before.

Important to remember that our free will is always honored, unless it is a life or death situation and it is not our time to depart, then we need to ask for help before it is given. You are never bothering Archangel Michael or taking him away from something more important. Like all Archangels, Michael is omnipresent, he can be with everyone who calls upon him simultaneously. Our needs are never considered frivolous or unimportant nor are our needs ever considered too big, so ask!  Life isn’t always easy, but help is always at hand! To learn more about connecting with angels CLICK HERE

Michael has a warm, strong angelic energy and his color is often seen as bright blue or sometimes as blue and purple.  He is often portrayed as carrying a sword or staff and dressed as a warrior.  Crystals associated with Michael include amethyst, sugilite, sapphire and tigers eye. Archangel Michael, like all those within the Angelic Realm, will come with unconditional love to anyone who calls upon him, providing guidance and assistance toward our highest good.

Listed below are all of our Guided Meditations featuring Archangel Michael, healing topics include Protection and Empowerment, Life Purpose, Sacred Purification and Sacred Shielding, Attuning to Dynamic Action, Follow Through and Finish and Angel Blessings! 

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