Meet Rhiannon

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Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit is the founder of Celestial Journey Therapy

She is author and co-producer of the Celestial Journey Therapy Journey with the Angels and Journey with the Goddess Guided Meditation Series, which are now available on Compact Disc and MP3.  New titles are released regularly. For more information visit Guided Meditation CD Main Page.

Rhiannon is an Inspirational Teacher and Facilitator, Writer, and is a Natural Intuitive/Healing Channel. She is dedicated to presenting platforms for Self Discovery, Inspiration, Empowerment, Personal & Collective Ascension, Renewed Awareness and Remembrance.

Her personal platform and purpose resides within the belief that we each have the power within us to create the life that we desire, that everyone can create joy, love, abundance, health and happiness within their life.

Rhiannon believes that everyone has intuitive and healing abilities and that anyone who has the desire, can directly connect with Angels, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and/or with Celestial Guardians and Guides.  Her CJT Programs & Meditations create safe and loving space for those who are interested in exploring and expanding their natural abilities.

Rhiannon’s Celestial Journey Therapy Programs & Meditations are designed to present platforms for healing and transcending every day life issues, providing for personal ascension, growth, and providing for a more balanced and joyful life experience.  Some of her CJT Healing Topics include: forgiveness, self image, abundance, success, health & well being, love, grief/loss, personal empowerment, life path, and peace, harmony and unity.

Rhiannon has been extremely empathic and intuitive her entire life and upon her initial awakening she discovered that she was a natural medium. Rhiannon worked in Corporate America for nearly twenty years before embracing her calling to act as an Intuitive/Healing Channel.  Having experienced illness and loss, she pursued a path of personal healing and dedicated herself to further developing her abilities. Rhiannon read books, took numerous courses and classes and studied with many gifted teachers all within her pursuit of personal healing and development. She offered intuitive, mediumship and healing services through a private practice and taught monthly intuitive development classes for several years. Rhiannon now dedicates her time and energy acting as an Intuitive/Healing Channel, honoring her calling to channel and write inspirational material.

Rhiannon shares her life journey with her husband Dirk, who is an accomplished Sound and Energy Healer, Didgeridoo Musician, Sound Engineer and is an All Encompassing Technical Wizard.  Together Dirk and Rhiannon co-produce the Celestial Journey Therapy Guided Meditations under their private label, Simar Media. Sharing similar passions and purposes, they offer support-facilitation within each other’s programs.  Rhiannon and Dirk live with their Golden Retriever, Queen Nefertiti in Southern California.




Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit