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Who Is Goddess Ishtar . . .


Goddess Ishtar is a Babylonian Creator Goddess.  A multidimensional aspect of the Divine Feminine, Ishtar has many titles, some of which include the Giver of Light, Opener of the Womb, Lawgiver, and Lady of Victory. She is associated with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the Assyrian Goddess Astarte and Inanna is considered Ishtar’s Sumerian aspect.


Ishtar is the Remembrance of the Goddess Self, the Remembrance of the Divine Self.  She is Queen of Heaven, the morning star, the evening star, the shining star of Venus.  She is also the Queen of Earth, the fertility and the abundance of life.


Ishtar is both Warrior Goddess and Goddess of Love. 


As Warrior Goddess, Ishtar is a powerful protectress, triumphant, victorious, confident and courageous.  She provides protection within Her radiant Light, providing shelter within Her tremendous strength and courage so that we may once again realize the strength, courage, peace and empowerment within the remembrance of our Divine Truth. She reminds us that Divine and True Power does not strive to conquer and control, rather its purpose is pure in promoting empowerment and vibrates with the integrity of empowered grace.


A Divine Champion of Remembrance, Ishtar lends Light, Courage and Guidance within the personal journey to triumph over the shadow self.  Her steadfast love, courage and radiant light supports this journey, enabling us to fearlessly face the shadows of illusions, to courageously face the shadow self. Enabling the shedding of the layers of fear based beliefs, until everything superficial has been stripped off, shedding the fears of the shadow self, discarding the veils of illusions so that we are reawakened within the illuminated, pure, enlightened essence of our True Essential Self.


Goddess of Love, Ishtar is the Shining Star of Venus. She is the Remembrance of the Pleasure and Beauty of Woman.  She is the Remembrance of the Ecstasy of Being.  Within this aspect, Ishtar assists in reawakening our natural sensuality, providing an invitation to embrace our sexuality as a sacred and divine expression. The Lady of Love celebrates Woman as Goddess, celebrates every expression of woman as beautiful and divine. Ishtar helps us all to remember that we each are the expression and embodiment of Divine Love.


As Warrior Goddess, Lady of Love and as Divine Healer, Ishtar helps us to heal the wounded aspects of self.  Assisting us to honor our experiences, to transcend the pain and heal the wounds, guiding us to recognize and integrate the valuable lessons presented through our experiences, enabling the triumphant ascension into a healed and higher vibrating awareness.


As The Queen of Earth, the fertility and abundance of Life, Ishtar is the essence of supply.  She is the reminder that we are aligned with the Infinite Source of Life, and that our true and natural state of being is fruitful, prosperous and plentiful.  Ishtar invites us to recognize, honor and enjoy the rich rewards of Mother Earth.


As Lawgiver, Ishtar reminds us that there is Cosmic Universal Law, a Divine Order and Divine Balance to All Things. Here She invites us to realize a natural harmonious existence through the awareness that appropriate boundaries provide necessary balance and harmony. Appropriate boundaries provide parameters for living with mutual respect, preventing chaos and actually promoting platforms for peace and unity. Reminding us that living harmoniously with others and being able to cooperate well within the community is largely dependent upon establishing and maintaining balanced boundaries as well as being able to honor and respect the boundaries of others.

As Sovereign Goddess, the kings of Babylon were only able to rule through their marriage to Goddess Ishtar.  Today this Sovereign Goddess holds the sacred space of remembrance, encouraging us to remember our own Sovereign Self, to remember our Divine Heritage. Within this awareness we remember our “royal – divine roots” and remember our personal responsibility to live with balanced, awakened awareness and to remember our responsibility to express the high integrity of our Ascended Sovereign Self.


Within all Her combined aspects, Ishtar promotes the energy of Divine Discernment, naturally and innately knowing when to be flexible and when to be steadfast. Providing the courage, confidence and the awakened awareness to be assertive when a situation calls for it.  As well as being able to discern when diplomacy and compromise would best serve the highest good.  Within the balanced, awakened awareness of our Higher Enlightened Self, we are never threatened by the need to be assertive nor are we ever threatened when we are called to compromise. 


Ishtar is associated with several animals, including lions, winged lions, doves, snakes and scorpions. She is aligned with the moon/crescent moon, with stars and with Venus.  A coned shaped crown topped with an array of stars is symbolic of Ishtar’s status of Queen of Heaven and Queen of Earth.  Lapis is sacred to her, and other associations include veils, exotic dance, light and illumination and the magical tree of life.


Goddess Ishtar was a prominent expression of the Divine Feminine within all periods of ancient Mesopotamia. Timeless and eternal, Ishtar’s energy remains current, continuing to provide platforms of empowerment and remembrance, providing the invitation to reawaken to the pure and divine pleasure of Being.  Ishtar brings the gifts of courage, confidence and empowered grace and she lovingly provides shelter within her radiant light to any and all who call upon her.


Copyright © 2009 Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

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