Who Is Goddess Lakshmi . . .

Lakshmi is a beautiful and loving Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and Prosperity and is devoted to our realizing and experiencing All Encompassing, Eternal Happiness.  Lakshmi helps create happiness within our individual lives by illuminating our Divine Source and opening up our eternal (and internal) floodgates to allow Good Fortune to flow from the Universal Source directly into our lives.


She is also a Goddess of Beauty and Love.  Lakshmi is often depicted sitting or standing upon a Lotus Flower and is frequently shown carrying the beautiful blossoms.  A significant symbol of Lakshmi, lotus blossoms signify spiritual awakening, spiritual understanding and peace. 


Lakshmi assists with our spiritual ascension, illuminating our True Self so that we may remember our Divine Heritage and realign with our Source of Universal Wisdom.  With this remembrance, illusions that have kept us in fear and have kept us from our true happiness are brought into the Light so that our Divine Truth may illuminate and clear our path for a joyful, fulfilling life experience to transpire.  


Aligned with Love, Beauty and Happiness, the energy that Lakshmi brings is bright, beautiful and Her every expression is presented with tremendous love.


Lakshmi’s name is derived from a Sanskrit word which means goal or aim.  Some of her other titles include: The Lotus Goddess, Daughter of the Ocean of Milk (Ksirabdhitanaya), Ocean Born (Jaladhija), Lotus (Padma) and Lotus Bearer (Padmavati).


Lakshmi’s story begins with her birth from the churning ocean, riding a Lotus Blossom, baring gifts and blessings and bringing renewal to the world.  Shinning like a million stars, as Lakshmi rode in upon her Lotus Blossom she delighted and dazzled all the gods with her radiant beauty.  So spellbound by the Goddess’ beauty were the gods that they all immediately desired her as their wife.  Lakshmi chose Vishnu the Sun God and they are bound together in love throughout all time. Vishnu and Lakshmi have alternate incarnations as avatars, and are always bonded in romantic, devoted, divine love.  Within their various identities, the couple may be considered an ally for soulmates and twin-flame relationships.


Some of Lakshmi’s other symbols include elephants, water, gold coins and rice. She is also associated with the Moon and the Ocean.  Holly and basil are sacred to Lakshmi.  This Goddess is aligned with Gold and like many Ladies, Lakshmi loves beautiful jewelry and fragrant flowers! 


In our Journey with the Goddess Lakshmi Guided Meditation, the energies of Pink Touramline and Aquamarine are invoked for the qualities of these crystals that are aligned with Lakshmi and the harmonizing intentions of the meditation. 


In her aspect as a Goddess of Love and Beauty, Lakshmi’s aura is pink and in her Good Fortune Figure her aura is often experienced as yellow and/or green. Her lotus blossom is frequently referenced and depicted as pink and heart shapes seem to be continually highlighted when connecting with Lakshmi.


This Brilliant and Beautiful aspect of the Lady is Illuminated Light.  Lakshmi is aligned with the Divine Light Essence of Love, Wisdom, Beauty and All Encompassing Good Fortune. Associated with the essence of Light, candles, specifically green and pink candles as well as sparkler fireworks are utilized in celebration, dedication, and in honor of Lakshmi.  As an invitation into their homes, women will line their widows with lights to Light the way for Lakshmi to enter. 


In addition to assisting with Good Fortune and Love, Lakshmi is also invoked for blessing and clearing the space within the home.  She is dedicated to helping us to realize and experience the beauty within our self, our environment, and to realize and experience the world as loving, beautiful and supportive.  Above and beyond the earthly plane, Lakshmi assists us in realizing that we are supported and supplied by an infinite Universe and brings affirmation of an Infinitely Loving Divine Universal Source.


Dedicated to bringing us All Encompassing Good Fortune, Hope, Happiness, Friendship, Positive Opportunities, Increased Well Being and Joy are all within this Divine Lady’s Domain!


Goddess Lakshmi is an absolute Loving, Light-filled aspect of the Divine Feminine, devoted to the alignment with and acceptance of our Divine Inheritance: All Encompassing and Eternal Happiness.


Who is Lakshmi’s Friend, Lord Ganesh . . .


Lakshmi often works with Her good friend, Ganesh, the elephant-head deity known as the “Remover of Obstacles.”  Ganesh is a strong protector and trailblazer who will help us clear anything that has been barring our path.  Along with providing a strong and protective presence, Ganesh is equally loving, kind and gentle. 


Ganesh’ name is a combination of two Sankrit words that together mean Lord of all Existing Beings.  In Hinduism Ganesh is usually the first deity invoked.  He rules kundalini energy, the first chakra, psychic energy and training of the mind. 


Ganesh is the patron of scribes, poets and merchants.  The rat, mouse, bandicoot and the elephant are Ganesh’s sacred animals.  He is honored on January 16 and Ganesh’ Feast Day is on the Full Moon in August or September.


Call upon Ganesh to assist with wisdom, prosperity, wealth, happiness, writing, learning, energy, empowerment, travel, business, success, art, protection and forgiveness. 


As the Remover of Obstacles, Ganesh is often requested to clear the pathway for forward movement, for ascension, and for success.  He is usually invoked before moving, traveling, getting married, opening a new business, and/or starting any new endeavor.  Ganesh will also help us clear the obstacles that our illusions create, clearing our perceptions for renewed awareness and ascension.


Having attributes aligned with the elephant, Ganesh is strong, powerful, protective and extremely wise.  Ganesh is quick to respond, he is very patient and his presence inspires confidence and trust.


Lakshmi and Ganesh are an awesome Celestial Team!  Working together to lend tremendous divine strength, light and love, providing support and guidance for those requesting to realign and remember their True Source!    


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