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Who is Archangel Haniel


Haniel is a Celestial Angelic Being within the Angelic Order known as the Archangels.  Archangels are responsible for ministering to humans, considered somewhat like “manager angels,” Archangels oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and the other Celestial Light Beings that act as our guardians and guides.

Each Archangel has specific qualities that distinguish their characteristics and their specific angelic responsibilities.  Archangel Haniel is an Angelic Ambassador of the Vibration of Grace, Remembrance of Natural Healing, and Ambassador of Opening and Developing of Natural Intuitive Abilities.


Haniel is experienced as a feminine angelic presence with a beautiful opalescent blue-white energy.  Her name means Grace of God and her presence helps us to return to our True State of Being. Haniel’s energy helps us to realign with our True and Natural State of Grace and to return to the Integrity of our Divine Essential Self.


Archangel Haniel is aligned with the Stars and the Moon.  She is one of the archangels who guided the priest-astronomers of ancient Babylon with their work in astrology, astronomy, divination and spiritual healing.


Haniel is an Angelic Ambassador of the Remembrance of Ancient Wisdom and Natural Healing.  In this role, Haniel helps us to remember ancient knowledge, providing guidance and support with updating and integrating ancient healing wisdom for use within our present time and space.  She is especially attuned to utilizing natural healing remedies, including use of flower essences, herbs, crystals as well as directly channeling lunar, solar and earth energies for healing, clearing and raising our vibration.  Haniel reminds us that utilizing the healing elements of nature may be as simple as taking a moon bath, enjoying the energy of a sunrise or a sunset or filling our space with fresh flowers.  Combined with our conscious intention to connect and utilize the healing energies of the natural elements, these simple acts are able yield amazing and affective results.


Archangel Haniel is also an Angelic Ambassador of Intuition, assisting those who desire to open and develop their intuitive/psychic abilities. Haniel reminds us that we all are naturally intuitive, reminding us that our intuitive abilities are innate and are already a part of our consciousness. Everyone has “psychic” abilities, albeit many use their intuition without being consciously aware.  They may follow their “gut” feelings, may have foresight of some event or “just know” what to do without realizing that this is their natural intuitive consciousness at work within their lives.  And for many, this system of “under cover” unconscious intuitive existence serves their current life plan properly.  However, there are many that do desire to become consciously aware of their intuitive/psychic abilities and to consciously utilize these abilities for their own personal development and personal life enhancement.  While others may wish to consciously utilize their intuition for personal development as well as channel the energy professionally to assist and guide others.  Whatever the application, Archangel Haniel is an excellent angelic ally for further opening, developing and consciously utilizing our natural intuitive/psychic abilities.


In this capacity, Haniel may provide guidance toward books, classes, and/or teachers that will best match our individual plan and pursuit toward developing our intuitive/psychic abilities.  Aligned with the moon and the stars, Haniel also utilizes celestial/lunar energy to help awaken our conscious awareness to our natural intuitive abilities. Haniel will always guide those interested in pursing a path to further develop their intuition/psychic consciousness safely, gently and in alignment with the Integrity of their Ascended Self.  


As the Ambassador of Grace, Haniel not only helps us to return to our own natural and true state of Grace, she will also assist us in living our lives more gracefully.  She is extremely valuable at lending support whenever we wish to present our self with grace, integrity and poise.  For job interviews, presentations, speaking engagements, personal and/or professional meetings, etc., whenever we desire to speak eloquently and in alignment with our Higher Self, Haniel is the Archangel to call upon!

If/when we are experiencing life as harsh, painful and unforgiving, Archangel Haniel will bring the essence of Grace to our Awareness.  She helps us to realize the Love and Grace flowing through all that is.  Haniel raises our consciousness and aligns are awareness with Divine Grace so that we are able to once again realize life as loving and are able to recognize the Divine Order, the Divine Grace as it unfolds and transpires within our life.


Like the Moon and the Stars illuminate a dark night, Haniel illuminates the darkness of fear and illusion, helping us to remember the Beautiful Grace of our Being.  Archangel Haniel is the expression of Divine Integrity, Divine Love and Divine Grace.  She assists us in realizing the impeccable integrity of our Higher Enlightened Self and opening to the Timeless Ancient Wisdom of our Ascended Consciousness. 


Haniel expresses an infinitely serene spirit; she is steadfast and true, wise and divinely loving. She is extremely understanding and sensitive to our sensitivities in this physical existence and is dedicated to our realizing the Grace of our existence.


Archangel Haniel is featured in the “Sweet Dreams” Meditation on our Journey with the Angels Guided Meditation CD.  Here Haniel assists listeners to gently release cares and concerns from the day, aligning the awareness with Love and Grace, preparing the body, mind and spirit to receive a restorative and peaceful night sleep.


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