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Enjoy a Beautiful Angelic Sound Track engineered by Sound & Energy Healer Dirk Barkemeijer de Wit which includes Sounds of Nature, featuring Birds, Waterfall and a Flowing River.  Written and narrated by Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit, her soothing, meditative voice provides a gentle guide for the journey.  This gentle and inspirational meditation composition offers a journey experience that provides platforms for profound healing while creating space to relax and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.









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Journey with Archangel Gabriel

Gratitude & Glad Tidings


This Journey with Archangel Gabriel will provide opportunities to:


Rediscover Your Life Experience as an Amazing and Precious Gift

Become more Aware and More Appreciative of the Infinite Flow of Blessings that Continually Manifest within Your Life

Gently Release, Heal and Transcend unhealed energy that has perpetuated the illusions of lack, limitation, unworthiness and unhealed energy that has been blocking your ability to consciously live within the awareness of gratitude

Reawaken within the Realization that You are Loved, Supported and Blessed Beyond Any Means of Measurement.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Importance of Practicing Inspired Speech, Utilize the Power of Your Voice to Uplift and Inspire, Consciously Choosing Your Words and Aligning Your Conversations with Love, Hope and with that which Reflects Your Highest Truth.

Transcend self-limiting patterns and cycles that have served their purpose, retaining and integrating the positive lessons learned, providing personal platforms for further ascension and growth.

Allow Your Heart, Mind and Spirit to Open and Expand with Love and Appreciation, Reawakening within the Enlightened Awareness of a Truly Blessed Existence.

Energize Your Life with the High Vibration of Gratitude, Infusing Your Home, Your Relationships, Your Occupation, The Earth and All that Surrounds and Fills Your Life with the Essence of Love and Appreciation.

Meet with Animal Spirit Guides who offer Healing Insight, Renewed Awareness and Additional Support with Practicing Inspired Speech, Returning to Your Natural State of Innocence & Wonderment and with Further Aligning with Hope and Inspiration.

Meet with Archangel Gabriel who will offer Energy Cleansing and Positive Affirmations in support of Residing within the Awareness of Gratitude and Glad Tidings. And have an opportunity to Ask Gabriel for Guidance relating to Any Topic or Issue . . .

CD = $15.98

MP3 = $9.99

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