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Who Is Goddess Pele . . .


Goddess Pele is a Hawaiian Volcano and Fire Goddess.  Known as She Who Shapes the Sacred Land, Pele is the Volcano, the expression and embodiment of Divine Creative Power. She is the Flame of Passion and the Fire of Purpose, She is the Energy of Dynamic Action and She is the Glowing Essence of Eternal and Profound Love.


The legend of Pele has her originally coming from Tahiti, where her older sister Namaka, the sea goddess, constantly sent ocean waves to roll over Pele’s home to snuff out her flames. 


Pele has many sisters and brothers, but her favorite is her younger sister Hi’iaka, who is the patroness of Hula.  Pele traveled in a canoe in search of a new home, carrying the egg of her unborn sister, Hi’iaka, cradled within her armpit.  All the while Namaka continued to pursue Pele, constantly combating Pele’s travel with turbulent and treacherous waters.


Pele and Hi’iaka attempted to settle on several different islands. Challenged by jealous snow goddesses who lived in the island mountains, sending blizzards to extinguish Pele’s flames. Namaka also continued to contest Pele’s fire at every chance she had, using tidal waves and unrelenting water to evict Pele whenever she attempted to settle somewhere.


Pele persevered and eventually found her home on the Big Island of Hawaii in the volcano called Kilauea (which means spreading).


Pele’s story reminds us that when we know who we are and when we honor that energy, when we honor our True Self we will find our place in the world.  We are also reminded, that when we are pursuing our True Path, to persevere despite perceived obstacles.  We are encouraged to not give up just before we reach the destination of our dreams.


Her forms are many, including the volcano, lava, and fire/flame. Goddess Pele also has ability to shape-shift and will show herself as a beautiful young woman, as a crone and as a white dog.  Some of her other symbols include the Ohi’a lehua, a beautiful tree that quickly grows on fresh lava flows, lehua flowers and the Hawaiian Honey Creeper which loves the nectar of the lehua blossoms.


Aligned with Volcanoes, Pele is sometimes associated with destruction and violence. Goddesses associated with destruction are often misunderstood and perhaps even misjudged.  When working with the Divine Feminine, destruction often equates to clearing away that which no longer serves us and may be considered part of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  In actuality, Goddess Pele’s Volcanoes are more of a creative force, creating and shaping land, clearing the old and laying the foundation for new.  Within this energy, Pele is known as She who Shapes the Sacred Land.  Through Her Volcanic activity, Pele gives birth to the islands and may be considered a Mother Goddess.


As She Who Shapes the Sacred Land, Pele reminds us of our own dynamic creative power.  We are reminded that we constantly create and shape our own life with the powerful energy that we project through our thoughts, through our words, through our emotions, through our beliefs and intentions and through our imagination.  Within this awareness we are able to take responsibility and wield our creative power with clear focus and with positive intention. In this way, we will create that which we actually desire to create and experience.


A beloved and honored kupuna (ancestress), through genealogical chants, many families that lived on the island could trace their lineage back to Pele.  Within this energy, Goddess Pele reminds us that our Heritage is Divine and we are encouraged to acknowledge who we truly are. As we acknowledge who we truly are, we acknowledge our Oneness to the Divine Source, we acknowledge our Oneness to the Goddess. Through this acknowledgement we realign with our True Power, the Power of Divine Love. We realign with our Higher Enlightened Self and live with self-awareness, responsibility, with integrity and with empowered grace.


Fire Power is Goddess Pele’s Gift. The Fire Element brings Energy!  Physical energy, motivation, empowerment and strength can be found with the Element of Fire.  Since Fire is a fantastic source of Energy, the Fire Element lends awesome fuel for manifestation, helping to lend power to our positive intentions.  The Element of Fire also has a tremendous force to transmute and clear old, stagnate energy.  The Fire Element can be invoked for protection, creating an energetic field of protective and transmuting energy.


Feeling fatigued or burned out?  Since this Fire Goddess is aligned with Energy, upon our request, she will help us to remember our eternal connection to the Divine Flame, refueling and re-energizing our body, mind and spirit with Divine Energy. Pele will guide us to utilize our fire power wisely, helping us to avoid burning our candle at both ends, realizing that regular rest and proper self-care are a necessary aspect of the refueling process. Through honoring our own inner fire and by realizing our innate and eternal connection to Divine Energy, we will naturally feel alive with vital, vibrant energy, be naturally enthusiastic and empowered.


Goddess Pele is an extremely Dynamic Divine Feminine Force.  She sets fire to the falsehoods that women are weak and incapable and that to be feminine means to be fragile and helpless.  Pele demonstrates exquisite feminine beauty combined with unquestionable capability, steadfast strength, dignity and divine power.  This awesome aspect of the Lady loves and lives with profound passion, providing a platform for both women and men to transcend illusions related to feminine power.


Madame Pele also helps us communicate honestly and to set appropriate boundaries when necessary.  Pele brings confidence, courage and promotes positive action.  Goddess Pele helps us clear the illusions that we are incapable and helps us to realign with our Divine Truth so that we may realize our True Potential.


Known for Her passion, upon our request, Pele will assist us to rekindle our own inner flame so that we may experience more enthusiasm, passion and purpose within our lives. The Goddess reminds us that we each have a talent and will encourage us to acknowledge and express our personal talent, she will stimulate our creative energy and motivate us to experience life as fulfilling and meaningful. 


She has strong transmuting and clearing powers along with tremendous creative and motivational energy.  Pele is extremely protective and can help those who call on her to feel safe, secure as well as empowered rather than dependant. 


Goddess Pele comes with infinite and profound love and is an awesome ally to those who desire to transcend the illusions of fear and limitation.  Pele is dedicated to our realizing our True Power, the Power of Divine Love, she is devoted to helping us realize and express our creative power in a way that brings benefit, blessings and beauty to the whole. 




Copyright © 2009 Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

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