Who is Goddess Rhiannon


Goddess Rhiannon is a Welsh Lunar Goddess whose name means Great Queen or Divine.  This luminous aspect of the Lady shines in many roles and guises, and in all these aspects Rhiannon’s radiance illuminates the pathway of ascension.

As Great Queen, Rhiannon is aligned with Sovereignty, shining the Light of Remembrance upon our Sovereign Self.  The Great Queen guides us in rediscovering our Divine Heritage and encourages us to reclaim our rightful place – reclaiming the Throne of our Divine Essential Self.

Goddess Rhiannon brings the reminder that we are each Divine and that our natural and true state is Empowered Grace.   With this remembrance, we realign with our true and natural state of Empowered Grace and reign from the space of our Sovereign Self.  With this remembrance we reign with the wisdom of our Ascended Self and with the integrity and the purity of our Divine Essential Self.

This Enlightening Lady is strongly associated with Equines.  In Rhiannon’s story, horses play an important role.  Rhiannon first captures the attention of her future husband while upon horseback.  He cannot resist her beauty, nor can he resist the temptation to catch her as she rides like the wind upon her magnificent white horse.   Her story later takes an unjust turn and she is falsely accused of murdering their son. Rhiannon is sentenced to carrying visitors to the castle from the outer gate on her own back, while announcing her crime.  The child was eventually found and Rhiannon was vindicated by Truth.  She was cleared of the crime and returned to her rightful status.

Rhiannon bore the burden of her punishment with grace and dignity.  Here she brings us the equine energy of endurance and the empowering promise that Truth and Integrity will always prevail.  The Goddess gives assurance that the natural state of the Universe is balanced, just and true.  Therefore, any energy that is out of balance, any energy that is unjust and/or untrue will eventually realign with the natural balanced state of the Universe.  The Great Queen guides us to be grounded within our truth, holding unwavering faith, knowing with all certainty that that which is vibrating out of alignment with truth and integrity will find right balance and the realignment will transpire within Divine and Perfect Timing.

In her story, Rhiannon also shows the magnificence of her Sovereign Self with the ability to transcend the injustice, having compassion and understanding for those who falsely accused her.

Goddess Rhiannon rides her magnificent white mare bringing the equine energy of Freedom and Balanced Power.  Rhiannon reminds us that the true seat of our power reigns from the Throne of our Divine Essential Self; therefore our true power is always in divine and perfect balance and our power is always aligned with truth and integrity.

Rhiannon helps us to remain steadfast within our own Truth despite the opinions and judgements of others. This Divine Lady of Light encourages us to reclaim our personal power, encourages us to reclaim our divine birthright to live within the Freedom our Personal Truth.

Also aligned with the Winged Ones, Rhiannon is known to have magical birds that sing beautiful songs of enchantment.  The songs of her birds are believed to be able to bring restorative, peaceful slumber.  Birds bring the energy of Transcendence and as animals of the Earth and of the Sky, these feathered friends help us to bridge the energy of Heaven and Earth.  Bridging the ability to traverse the physical plane while simultaneously remembering our Freedom of Spirit, and with this remembrance we take flight and transcend the illusions of separateness and limitation.

Rhiannon is also considered an Otherworld Goddess and in this aspect Her Light illuminates the path for those who are making their journey from the physical plane back to the Celestial Spiritual Plane.  Within this role Rhiannon’s birds assist with the transition process through signing their songs of transcendence, which assures the transition (the physical death) is painless and peaceful.  Rhiannon rides her white horse within the sacred service of guiding newly transitioned souls back to the Light, ensuring safe passage back to Spirit.

As an Otherworld Goddess, Rhiannon has been associated with the Fairy Kingdom and within this realm she retains her high status of Queen.  This versatile aspect of the Lady has also been associated with the Isle of Avalon and with the likes of Vivienne and with the Lady of the Lake.

Within these Otherworld Aspects, Rhiannon reminds us of our ability to move within and around the magical realms. Both Birds and Horses are often utilized within the shamanic journey to move within different realms and dimensions.  Rhiannon and her trusty totems are awesome journey guides and guardians for those who desire to explore other realms.

This Magnificent Moon Goddess acts as a Muse, bringing the illuminating energy of Inspiration to writers, poets, musicians and artists.  Within this role Rhiannon encourages artistic, creative expressions that provide platforms for remembrance, growth and ascension.  Rhiannon’s story continues to inspire us today, providing tales of timeless truth, which offer guidance toward transcending the illusionary spells of physical life.  Creative expressions that share timeless truth have the potential to guide and inspire generation upon generation, continually providing platforms of remembrance, growth and transcendence. Goddess Rhiannon blesses this sacred service encouraging and inspiring those whose life purpose is aligned with creative expression.

This Lovely Lunar Lady is aligned with Light and in all her roles Rhiannon shines enlightening energy, illuminating the path for our ascension.  Her story illustrates the illuminated essence of her Sovereign Self and simultaneously allows us to relate to Rhiannon very personally; perhaps being able to identify with the trials we all at times traverse within the physical plane.

This Great Queen, Goddess Rhiannon comes with tremendous understanding of the trials we traverse here, trials we endure to learn, grow and ascend.  Rhiannon combines compassion with encouraging us to transcend the roles of victim, encouraging us to REMEMBER our Sovereign Self, to reclaim our divine birthright to shine the illuminated Light of our True Magnificence!

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