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Who Is White Buffalo Calf Woman . . .


White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Sacred Woman, a Holy One who brought to the Lakota the Sacred Pipe and taught them the Seven Sacred Ceremonies.


The legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman is about 2000 years old, and has been passed down by the Lakota (Sioux) Nation from the time of its origination. 


Long, long ago, there was a time of famine, the people had no game to hunt and their world was not in balance.


Two warriors were sent out to look for game and saw a beautiful maiden appear in the distance.  One warrior was lustful and desired this maiden.  She signaled for him to step forward and a cloud of smoke appeared, covering both the maiden and the man.  When the cloud dissipated, the maiden stood and there was nothing left but the bones of the man.


The other warrior had recognized her as a sacred spirit; a holy one and she saw the understanding within him.  She told him she had come to bring the people a sacred bundle and asked him to go back to the people and tell them to prepare a sacred lodge for her coming, which she would within four days.


The people did as she asked and prepared for her coming and on the fourth day she did arrive.


She entered the circle of the nation and spent four days with the people, teaching them the sacred ways, teaching them of the sacred pipe and how to pray, and teaching them seven sacred ceremonies. 


These ceremonies are the Sweat Lodge/purification ceremony, the Naming Ceremony/child naming, the Healing Ceremony, the Making of Relatives/adoption ceremony, the Marriage Ceremony, the Vision Quest, and the Sundance Ceremony.


After the four days of instructing the people, she left with a promise to return


It is said that as she left, the woman sat down and when she arose she had become a black buffalo.  Walking a little further, the buffalo lay down and arose as a yellow buffalo.  Next, walking a little further the buffalo lay down and arose as a red buffalo.  Walking a little further the buffalo rolled on the ground and arose as a white buffalo calf.


As soon as the White Buffalo Calf Woman departed, great herds of buffalo appeared and allowed themselves to be used so that the people could survive.


White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Sacred Messenger of Remembrance, and a Divine Ambassador of Peace and Unity.


Ptesan Wi (White Buffalo Calf Woman) is a loving and true guide to any and all who are lost and wondering within the illusions of separateness.  When we are lost within the illusion of separateness we forget our sacred connections and we forget our sacred commitments.  We forget our true and natural state of abundance and experience lack and scarcity, we forget that we are connected to all that is and feel lost and alone.


White Buffalo Calf Woman calls us to awaken from the dark spell of separateness, illuminating our conscious awareness with the remembrance that we are ONE with all that is.


She reminds us to honor and celebrate our connection to Sacred Spirit and calls us to walk the rainbow road of mutual respect, the path that honors all aspects of Creation.


Ptesan Wi is a shining beacon of hope, a promise of peace and abundance, a return to our Highest Truth, our Truth in which we do remember and honor our sacred connections and remember and honor our sacred commitments.


White Buffalo Calf Woman reminds us of our sacred commitment to the Earth and of our sacred commitment to each other.  Through honoring these sacred commitments, we live in harmony and in balance and realize and enjoy peace and abundance.


Through remembering and honoring our Sacred Connections we no longer feel alone, rather we remember that we are one people, one spirit, with many colors and many vibrations together creating a beautiful rainbow. We remember that we are One.


Ptesan Wi is the essence of impeccable integrity and purity of purpose.  She is an exceptional ally to any and all who desire to commune with Sacred Spirit through ceremony and will also guide and inspire those who are diplomats and peacemakers. Ptesan Wi is a positive and powerful mentor for any and all who are dedicated to walking a spiritual path as well as for those who provide instruction with ceremony, spirituality and for those who live and teach the message of Unity.


White Buffalo Calf Woman builds a bridge for us to realize that every aspect of creation is our relative and within this realization we are able to return to our true resonance of Peace.


Her message of Peace and Unity is a message for all people, a timeless truth forever worthy of pursuit. It is a return to our original essence of all encompassing Love, a return to our Divine Heritage.


Copyright © 2009 Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit