Gabriel is a Celestial Angelic Being within the Angelic Order known as the Archangels.  Archangels are responsible for ministering to humans, considered somewhat like “manager angels,” Archangels oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and the other Celestial Light Beings that act as our guardians and guides.


Each Archangel has specific qualities that distinguish their characteristics and their specific angelic responsibilities.  Archangel Gabriel is an Angelic Ambassador of Communication, Creative Expression, the Arts and Angelic Ambassador for Parents and Children.


Gabriel is experienced as a feminine angelic presence with illuminating gold energy. She is known as the Messenger Angel and as the Messenger of God. Acting as a Divine Herald, Gabriel is the Archangel who told both Elizabeth and Mary of the forthcoming births of their sons.  She also dictated the Koran to Mohammed.  Trumpets are strongly associated with Archangel Gabriel, along with gold, copper and citrine.


As Angelic Ambassador of Communication, Gabriel is dedicated to our reawakened awareness of the power of the voice and to our realizing the creative magic we wield with our words.  Providing the remembrance that this creative magic manifests through the vibration of sound and is furthered empowered by the energetic intention and meaning of the spoken word. She offers support with consciously choosing our words in alignment with that which will reflect our highest truth. Encouraging us to align our words with what we actually desire to create/manifest and experience.


As Divine Herald and Angelic Ambassador of Glad Tidings, Gabriel reminds us of the importance of practicing inspired speech.  Reminding us that our conversations and the stories that we tell have the power to uplift and heal as well as have the power to lower the vibration.  Gabriel offers support in breaking free of old conversation patters that carry a lower vibration, encouraging us to align our conversations with hope, inspiration and with happy endings. 


Archangel Gabriel provides support with ALL areas and aspects of communication, spoken, written or expressed through song and/or art.  From working in Broadcast news, radio announcers, journalists, publicists, spokespersons, writers and authors of every expression, speech writers, public speaking, playwrights, lyricists, musicians, actors, artists, etc., etc.  If the energy is related with communication, with delivering a message, expression through written or spoken word or through any form of artistic expression, Gabriel is the go-to-Angel!


Also within her role as Divine Herald and Angelic Ambassador of Glad Tidings, Gabriel is an Angelic Public Relations Advisor.  She helps us spread the good news, assists in getting the word out and around. Announcements, advertising and promoting are other areas of specialty that Gabriel will gladly provide divine guidance and assistance with.


Archangel Gabriel is strongly associated with children and with parents.  She lovingly guides couples who desire children toward conception or with adoption.  As an Angelic Champion for Children, Gabriel will guide and assist with ALL aspects relating to children and parenting as well as, with teaching and guiding children, with adoption, and with literature, art/music and media related to children.  Within this role, Gabriel will also help and encourage us to be loving and nurturing to our inner child.


Archangel Gabriel will inspire and encourage utilizing the healing power of creative expression. She assists in discovering and developing our artistic talents and helps us to glean the positive, empowering, and healing platforms that expressing our self creatively provides.


Next to Love, Gratitude may be considered one of the highest vibrating forms of expression and experience. When we are aligned with Love and Gratitude, we naturally express and experience our True Essential Self. Devoted to the Expression of our Higher Enlightened Self, Gabriel is always honored to help us reside within the ascended awareness of Gratitude.  From a sincere state of Gratitude, all that we express and experience flows with blessings and beauty, and that exquisite essence continues to flow outward, raising the vibration with illuminating energy in all directions. 


Here Archangel Gabriel is the Angelic Ambassador of Gratitude and Glad Tidings, offering to provide platforms for us to rediscover our life as an amazing and precious gift.  Gabriel assists us to become more aware and more appreciative of the infinite flow of blessings that continually manifest within our life.  If invited, Gabriel will help us to open and expand our heart, mind and spirit with love and appreciation, reawakening within the enlightened awareness of a truly blessed existence.

Within this awareness, we are able to experience heaven on earth; we experience our Transcended Self and our consciousness vibrates higher and brighter.


Archangel Gabriel has both an extremely nurturing and an empowering presence.  She envelops those in need with calming, comforting energy - wrapping us up within her loving angelic embrace.

If fear and limitation cloud our perceptions, Gabriel shines and illuminates our awareness with clarity and confidence, gently guiding and encouraging us to express our Highest Truth within all that we do and experience. As an Archangel, Gabriel naturally expresses the infinite love of the Divine Source and is always aligned with tremendous compassion and with purity of purpose. Archangel Gabriel is a loving and devoted angelic ally, dedicated to helping each of us discover and express the message our soul came here to deliver during this life experience.




Copyright © 2009 Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

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